History of the Atomic Bomb
Memory and Learning
Physics and E.S.P.
Cell Molecule Transport
Solar Energy
Raw Feels, Subjective Reality
Electroshock Therapy
Dear Alison
Quantum Mech. Critique
Found. Physics Critique
On the Evolution of Mind from Body
The Jewish Holocaust
A Solution of the Mind Body Problem

I have created a new solid mass, charge neutral mathematical model of the atom to replace the quantum mechanical model of the atom and a new solid mass, charge neutral mathematical model of the photon to replace the wave model of the electromagnetic field.  These mathematical models have been created within the context of Newton’s Laws, the Galilean Transform and the negative results of the Michelson-Morley Experiment and have been applied to historically important physics experiments to yield numerical results in accord with experimental results. 

A new physics based on Newton’s Laws has been created to replace the physics of Maxwell’s Equations, Einstein’s Special and General Relativity,  the Bohr Atom and Schrodinger’s Equation. My claim is that within the context of these models, I can derive the numerical results of ANY physics experiment or state how the experiment is misunderstood (e.g. experimentally determining the wave lengths of light using spectral gratings and Bragg’s Law.  Bragg’s Law is shown to be experimentally false) or by stating how the experiment is a complete fraud (e.g. the LIGO experiment whose results are due to radio stations paid for turning on their transmitters at a given time and whose results are falsely attributed to gravitational radiation due to colliding black holes.) I have written a text on the subject and links to the text can be found at the bottom of this page. The following PDF outlines why a new atom is needed.


The following expands the points made in the above PDF. The text begins with a critique of Special Relativity Theory.                                                         

Special Relativity Theory is based on 2 postulates much as high school plane geometry is based on 5 axioms.  However, postulates are required to be experimentally testable and found to be true, while the axioms of pure mathematics are in general not testable and strictly speaking do not represent physical reality. In the enclosed TEXT, (You will find a link below), it is proved that assuming postulate 1 is experimentally true, then postulate 2 is experimentally false and thus if postulate 2 is experimentally true then postulate 1 is experimentally false. The 2 postulates of S.R.T. are therefore inconsistent with one another.  20th century mathematical physicists made and now 21st-century mathematical physicists are making, two grievous mistakes both of which are terribly wrong.                                        
The mistakes are:                                                             
1. The speed of light is an absolute constant                                    
2. The negative results of the Michelson-Morley experiment prove that the speed of light is an absolute constant.

The 1st is mathematically and experimentally provably false. I mathematically prove it false in chapter 1 of the enclosed text by uniquely deriving the Galilean Transform from the 1st postulate of SRT and uniquely deriving the vector additivity of the velocity of light from the Galilean Transform and therefore proving that the speed of light is not an absolute constant. The second mistake is also mathematically provably false and is also done in chapter 1 of the text. The proof is important because the formula E=mc^2 is based on the assumption that both postulates are experimentally true and thus it is proved that E does not equal mc^2. This necessitates the creation of a new model for the atom to replace the quantum mechanical model for the atom and a new model for the photon, and a new model for positive and negative charge as discussed above. This also necessitates a new explanation for the origin of the sun’s energy and the origin of the energy for thermonuclear weapons and nuclear reactors. Mathematical models for these things are presented in the text.                                                                                       
Individual chapters of the text will be put on this site as interest warrants. The proof in its present form was completed in 1982 (See Chapter 1 below) and copyrighted September 24, 1984 with copyright registration number TXu 173-386.  The proof had its origin in a paper by the present author and published in the Journal, "Foundations of Physics", June 1975.

  To see mathematics details of the new atom, open the pdf file.

Critique of Quantum Mechanics.pdf
To see details of a critique of quantum mechanics that invalidates quantum mechanics, open the pdf file.

Students of physics are now in a position to mathematically, rigorously prove to their physics professors that E does not equal mc^2. I should like to add that the mathematical proof that E does not equal mc^2 given in the text has economic consequences for us all.  To create reactor fuel and bomb material requires more electrical energy than is released in the exploding bomb or the complete fission of the reactor fuel.  It costs more money to burn fossil fuels to create electrical energy to create reactor fuel material, than is recouped by using the created reactor fuel material in a nuclear reactor to create electrical energy. This is energetically and economically wasteful.                                                                          

France states that it creates ~80% of their electrical energy from nuclear power.  Whatever the percentage, the nuclear fuel is provided by the U.S., Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Iran and is considered as foreign aid.  To create the nuclear fuel in the U.S., Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Iran, requires more electrical energy than is recovered by using the created nuclear fuel to create electrical energy in France.  Let a word to the wise be sufficient.                                                                                                         
Large-scale solar arrays as have been constructed in the desert areas of Southern California are a source of electrical energy.  Their one drawback is that they do not produce electric power at night.  What is needed is an energy storage device that can be charged during the day and used as an electric energy source at night.  Nuclear plants can be that energy storage device. i.e. Nuclear fuel can be created during the day using the electric energy from half the solar array, and that fuel can be directly converted to electrical energy for night time use.                              

It is my aim that an orderly, evolutionary, process begin at the university level that will eliminate false ideas in physics and replace the false ideas with physically correct ideas.  I should like to add that in no country but ours, the United States of America, could a web site such as this be put on the www. With impunity.  It is suggested that the reader read the "Introduction to Text" first, then the "Title and Table of Contents" before proceeding to the text proper.

Author: James M. Kingsley III, Ph.D.

Title and Table of Contents.doc

Introduction to Text 

1. Special Relativity Theory.doc

2. Coordinate Transforms.doc

3. Solid Mass Atom.doc

4. Kinetic Theory of Solids.doc

5. Chemical Bond Energy.doc

6. Solid Mass Photon.doc

7. Electrostatics.doc

8. Cyclotron.doc 

9. Rutherford Scattering.doc

10. Hydrogen Bomb.doc 

11. Stellar Energy.doc

12. Fluid Turbulence, Water Clathrates and Shock Waves.doc

13. Infinite Universe Cosmology.pdf 

P.S. In order to read the papers on:

1.  "History of Atomic Bomb" 
2.  "Memory and Learning"
3.  "Physics and E.S.P." 
4.  "Cell Molecule Transport" 
5.  "Solar Energy" 
6.  "Sensory Perception, Subjective Reality and Raw Feels", 
7.  "Electroshock Therapy", 
8.  "Dear Alison" (Letters to psychologist A.G.), 
9. "Quantum Mechanics Critique",
10. "Consciousness", 
11. "Critique of Physics", 
12. "On the Evolution of Mind from Matter",
13. "F=ma" (An operational definition of F=ma)
14. "The Jewish Holocaust"
15. "A solution of the Mind Body Problem"

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